Blank walls frustrate me. I paint so that I can transform spaces. I want my art to demonstrate how colors can influence not only living areas but also infuse joy in life. I wish to use color to change moods and and bring warmth into modern homes. My work is my interpretation of the swirling cosmos, and the role of humanity, primarily feminine form, in this flow. I want my art to become a refuge for my audiences, as they come home from the chaotic mundanity of life. I want it to be to recognized as influencing a positive change in the world, through the stories I tell and colors I use.


Shahina Siddiqi

Shahina Siddiqi is best known for her work on large canvases. Her art is unique in terms of the stories it tell. She primarily uses female form, in relation to cosmic or natural surroundings, using bold, bright colors. “Feminine energy is much stronger than people think, and my art tells the story of her victory in her various avatars. You will see her soft and reminiscing, or fighting her way out of her struggles with dignity. But she is always bold and comfortable in her surroundings” Shahina believes that putting these stories on the walls are inspirational as well as relaxing. Shahina is self taught and prefers working with oil and acrylic. She believes in transforming spaces as well as lives through her work.